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PERSONAL PROTECTIVE MEASURES Personal protective measures (PPM) , should be taken while treating patients, most of the patient reporting dental clinic may not be aware of the disease present in them . So the dentist while treating these type of patients can get infected easily . PPE provides a barrier between the worker and the hazard. It can only prevent exposure to blood or other body fluids, but it cannot protect workers from sharps and needle stick injuries. Thus PPM is very important while treating dental patients . Some of the examples of PPE are: Gloves (cutting resistant gloves, double gloving) Masks Face shields Protective glasses These protective aids should be taken by the dentists during dental treatment and gloves should…show more content…
Remove sharps and needles and eliminate all unnecessary injections. Jet injectors can be used as a substitute for syringes and needles. Other examples that can be used for the elimination of unnecessary sharps such as towel clips and using needleless intravenous (IV) systems. Engineering controls—such as needles that retract, sheathe, or blunt immediately after use. (These devices, after a decade of technologic advances, are widely available in North America and Europe and required by law in the United States.) Administrative controls—policies and training programs aimed to limit exposure to the hazard. Examples include Universal Precautions (see below), allocation of resources demonstrating a commitment to HCW safety, a needlestick prevention committee, an exposure control plan, and consistent training. Work practice controls that includes no re-capping, placing sharps containers at eye level and at arms’ reach, checking sharps containers on a schedule and emptying them before they’re full, and establishing the means for safe handling and disposing of sharps devices before beginning a procedure. Personal protective equipment (PPE)—barriers and filters between the worker and the hazard. Examples include eye goggles, face shields, gloves, masks, and

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