Personal Protective Equipment

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1. Select and justify the choice of protective clothing and equipment to ensure personal protection in noise intense environment at Modein manufacturing plant in the form of a written report.

Personal protective equipment
PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health and safety risk at work. It can include items like safety helmets, gloves, ear protection, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear and safety harnesses and also includes some respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Noise exposure level limits

Noise intensity (decibel) Exposure limit (hours per a day) 90 9 92 7
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Permit to work system aims to ensure proper consideration is given to the risks of particular job or simultaneous activities at site. Whether it is manually or electronically generated the permit is a detailed document that authorises certain people to carry out specific work at a specific site at certain time and which sets out main precautions needed to complete the job safely.
Some essential features of permit to work systems are:
 Clear identification of how may authorise particular jobs and who is responsible for the specifying necessary precautions.
 Training and instruction in the issue use and closure of the permits.
 Monitoring and auditing to get ensure that the system works as intended.
 Clear identification of types of work considered hazardous.
 Clear and standardised identification of the tasks, permitted task duration and risk assessments and supplemental or simultaneous activity and control measures.

Types of permit to work
There are five types of permit to work
 Hot work permit
 Cold work permit
 Electrical
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 Cold work permit is required for carrying out of any activity of maintenance, cleaning and testing inside plant that non critical nature
 Some Non routine maintenance work and General constructions.
 Some works with chemical which will be harmful

Isolation Isolation process is also known in industry as lockout or Tag out and is used to isolate machinery and equipment from the energy source. It is so important to ensure that isolation of any unsafe machinery or equipment from potential uncontrolled energy sources during repair service or maintenance

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