Reflective Essay On Why I Want To Study Psychology

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Being a health and fitness enthusiast I have always been interested in learning about how the mind works physically and emotionally, and in what ways the body reacts to various mental states is very intriguing. That is why I want to explore the mind and the essence of the human condition. We all question or try to make sense of our life; I believe that through its many perspectives, psychology has those answers. Psychology is accessible because not only is it a scientific study of thought and behaviour, it is also an art that can be applied by the individual to everyday life. I also believe we are all psychologists attempting to understand other people and ourselves.

The truth is you will never understand psychology unless you learn to embrace
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It also has a lot of extensive laboratory work which is a key aspect of psychology, which has allowed me to hone my practical skills to a high level of precision. This in turn will help me conduct research for my dissertation as well as any further research.

By studying Maths, it has allowed me to develop analytical and problem solving skills. There are various ways of solving a mathematical problem, however each method has its pros and cons, which I believe relates to how there are various approaches to psychological disorders and that different approaches have its strengths and disadvantages.

Over the last few years I have played an active role in the school thus have been in activities ranging from being part of the school’s sports team, having a leadership role in the Environmental Committee, to mentoring younger students and participating in the Medical Review Conferences. All these activities have moulded me into a well rounded individual who is responsible, has the ability to work with peer and is confident in public speaking. I have also been an active member of the Psychology in Film club which discussions key issues such as conformity, institutionalisation and psychological disorders through the use of films. It has enhance my confidence level resulting in more effective

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