Personal Reflection Essay

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That next week I met with my pastor, it was kind of a counseling session. I explained to him what took place and like I’m sure you are assuming he thought I was imagining things or at least exaggerating things. He actually did not denounce everything I was saying, but thought that most of it was unlikely. He of course directed to my heart. It is true that I should not respond in fear. However I continued to plead with my pastor attempting to convince him that this was happening and attempting to explain it the best that I could. But again, he wanted to direct me toward my heart and work on my response. So I left his office and did feel better and appreciated his counsel and friendship which I really needed at this time. So I left there thinking this is something that I will probably have to figure out on my own or come up with a different approach. So that week I was at home with no job a little money to pay rent from my final checks and not sure what to do. The force was getting more difficult as there were plenty of times when it was very difficult to even move my body. Eventually I moved to Los Angeles, where I am originally from I was living only about 30 miles away. The main reason why I moved was due to the fact that I had run out of money and secondly I needed some support to help me to figure out what I was experiencing. Before I explain to you the details regarding my move It is essential that I inform you how else they followed me or made sure to always be

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