Personal Reflection Essay

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1. Summarize how you came to know Jesus Christ as both your Lord and Savior.
I did not grow up in a Christian household, so my introduction to Christ was very gradual. Although my mom would frequently attend church a few times a year, and oftentimes take me with her, I grew up with very limited knowledge of Christ. When I was a freshmen in high school, a friend of mine invited me to attend a Young Life meeting held by a local family in their home. I attended the Acton Young Life group and loved it. I became very close to the family that hosted the club meetings. In my opinion, they exemplified, and continue to do so, Christian values. The way they lived their life was very attractive to me and piqued my interest in Christ.
While being exposed to devote Christians had a huge impact on me and my understanding of Christ, my relationship with Him was brought to the next level when I began attending community college. I took a philosophy class that focused on religion and that class prompted me to dwell deeper into Christianity. Since I identified as a Christian, I wanted to take it more seriously, so I began to search for resources to help me grow. I sought out a church, and after trying a few, I found Real Life Church. From there, my faith grew stronger. I accepted Christ and began to take my relationship with Him a lot more seriously. Although I have a relationship with Christ and hold Him to be my Savior, I still strive to know Him better and understand my relationship with
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