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Soon after deciding on becoming a statistics major my freshman year, I noticed the PharPoint Research, Inc. internship listing on the SeaWork website. I applied for the job but because of my lack of experience at the time, I was kindly told to reapply in the future. After spending a semester abroad, becoming accepted into the Cameron Business School for an economics degree, and completing many more statistics classes, I reapplied for the position over Winter Break of 2016. I was thankful for an interview during the week before the Spring semester began, and have been interning with PharPoint for the past 7 months since. Over the course of this time, I have gained professional skills and expanded my programming knowledge far beyond what I could…show more content…
From my Business Week sessions, I knew the importance of dressing the part, arriving early, and being prepared to remain natural and comfortable throughout the process. As a somewhat timid person, I was anxious for the initial encounter and was completely unprepared for the level of intensity of the interview. For nearly an hour, I was blasted with nonstop questions ranging from “What are your 3 biggest strengths and weaknesses?” to “How many chickens can you fit in a school bus?” Many of these questions were simply asked just to see how you react under pressure, but others were standard questions typical to any interview in a professional setting. I smiled, remained focused, and took my time to answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. Still, once it was over all I could think of were the parts where I could have prepared better responses and wondered what their impressions were of me and the interview as a whole. Along with the oral questions, they gave me a sheet with questions that ranged from basic statistics knowledge (What is a population?) to questions on logic and coding. Although my coding background was relatively limited, I made sure to answer all of the questions to the best of my knowledge and not to get flustered by the intimidating setting. Although this initial interview did not go as well I had imagined, I managed to prove myself to be qualified for the internship position. Beyond that though,

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