Personal Reflection Essay

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Resume & Personal Reflection Essay

I am an Uruguayan immigrant who came to this country in the summer of 2001. I brought with me a suitcase full of illusions, aspirations and dreams, along with an unwavering willpower determined to succeed. I was almost 20 years old and my short life experience mixed with the economic needs of the time made me skipped some fundamental steps such as immigration regulations and procedures. The "visa-free" status of my country (visa waiver program) was the only hope for a talented, prepared and unemployed young woman trying to start a life of opportunities. Little I knew what the future would hold for me… The reason for me to share this information is to explain that my circumstances are not the average of a person of my age and capacity. in most of the cases, for an immigrant everything takes longer to achieve and harder to obtain. I am currently making a living as a babysitter and housekeeper (when in need of a fancier title I like to call it "Household Assistant"). My role within the house is to assist the mother in the running of the house as well as raising the children and everything that it is entailed. I organize the children 's activities after school, playdates, birthday parties, pick-ups and drop-offs, teacher conferences and everything of that nature. I identify issues in their behaviors and then communicate to parents the situation. I normally suggest or advice what steps to take in order to resolve those issues.

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