Personal Reflection Essay: The Experience Of My Family

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The experience that I think I want to share is when it started from I was a child. In my childhood I have been very often with the full affection and loves are given from both of my parents. I feel all of the beautiful things to be a daughter who is not divided and not shared affection with anyone. Until it finally as the time passes when I was 12 years old that it started I realize that I feel so lonely with every situation that I am facing and with every day thati am passing. I am so realize that I need someone to make my day being different and make my day happier. Since that my all cheerful and active initially began to be a loner and more often sad but could not express all that I feel and I do not know what to do. I always pray to God…show more content…
That is used to make more confused and when I joined in to be beside my mother in examination room or chek up room, I overheard the docter in the room telling the core that my mother can not pregnant again with that kista or cyst and the first thought that exists in my brain is meaning that I will not ever have a sister or brother like the othersin my life. I cried so hard every single time that I can to cried and although every single night. But I never forget to pray again and again and give thank to my Lord Jesus for everything that He blesses to me and for my life. And a short story , my mother should go to Jakarta to do some check up and to do surgery and this becomes the most difficult things in my whole life I think. At the time as I a child never stop giving thank and pray to God and still believe in His great power beyond the limits of human thinking that His love will always be real in my life. Through each procces makes me and my dad a strong person for my mom. And initially the surgery could not be done because my mothers condition was to weak and her weight was not enough for someones provisions for surgery. But, as I said to God nothing is impossible, finally we decided to take the

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