Personal Reflection Essay: The Principles Of Stoicism

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Michael Abou Chedid Personal Reflection Essay STOIC QUOTES Stoicism is an ancient philosophy founded in Athens, by Zeno of Citium, in the early 3rd century B.C. Although Stoic philosophers considered various subjects, principal teachings included how to lead a fulfilling and happy life and how to become better human beings. Up until today, the principles of Stoicism can be considered amongst the most applicable and realistic way of life for entrepreneurs, writers, and artists alike, to help them withstand tough times, and actually benefit from them. The Stoic philosophers have left behind an abundance of quotes that provide readers with a shift in perspective, and help individuals reflect on their own joy and serenity. These Stoic quotes…show more content…
Basically, you should listen twice as much as you talk. Besides making the speaker feel valued, it also makes you, as a listener, seem reliable and courteous. Most importantly, listening more than talking helps us learn and grow as individuals, because you can learn from what others have to say, and are also exposed to various thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Through effective listening we learn to ask better questions, and are given room to read and understand body language, which can be very beneficial to all types of relationships. Listening also helps you understand your responsibilities across various levels of your life, and improves the overall quality and communication in your both, your social and personal…show more content…
He always asks my siblings and I to take a few moments before we go to bed, while resting our heads on our pillows, to think about all the things we are grateful for and blessed with. Also, when we were younger, he used to tell us that when something bad happens, we should be grateful that it doesn’t happen more often, and that it could have been worse. We should use the bad times to remind ourselves of the good in our lives; no matter how difficult or minimal it may seem at the
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