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At the beginning of my high school career, I knew grades were important but, I never knew how vital until the end of my eleventh-grade year when I began "college hunting." I realized that with a low GPA nobody wants you at their university because you 're a representation of them so, when you look bad they look bad. Soon after, knowing what had to be done, I prepared myself for the final year of high school with new study habits, motivation, and a new mindset on the grades I 'll accept because I was "Passing."

In my past years, I see how I didn 't take my education seriously. One reason is I never studied for anything, even on the most prominent exams, I never thought studying would help anything especially if I didn 't understand it fully to begin with. My issue with studying back then was I was too lazy to make the cards, online or on paper because it seemed like too much just to not use them ever again. Even when I wanted to make them, it became a bad habit of lying to myself that I would make some "next time" even if I knew I was not going to do it. Another reason was distractions. I let people, social media, and myself distract me from school work/ homework. I made unimportant thing get in the way of time I could have used for homework or something that could have benefited me. Sometimes, I would distract myself on purpose because I would not feel like doing homework I knew I was supposed to do. I would watch YouTube a full weekend and not once even touch my backpack,

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