Reflective Essay: My High School Career

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At the beginning of my high school career, I knew grades were important but, I never knew how vital until the end of my eleventh-grade year when I began "college hunting." I realized that with a low GPA nobody wants you at their university because you 're a representation of them so, when you look bad they look bad. Soon after, knowing what had to be done, I prepared myself for the final year of high school with new study habits, motivation, and a new mindset on the grades I 'll accept because I was "Passing."

In my past years, I see how I didn 't take my education seriously. One reason is I never studied for anything, even on the most prominent exams, I never thought studying would help anything especially if I didn 't understand it fully
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With these new strengths I have now, I 'm confident that I 'll be an excellent student a GCU. One of these new-found strengths is Studying, with experience I have learned that I study best using Quizlet in the Learn Mode. With this, I have seen a difference in my ability not only to learn but also, understand the content. Another strength is my ability to stay focus and time management. I have begun to take away the distractions and map out what I will do with my time, and this tactic has helped tremendously, I plan what I am going to do ahead of time which has lessened my procrastination and a lot more gets done faster. My last strength is that I am no longer afraid to get help. I 've grown to understand that getting help should not be an embarrassing thing and have embraced asking questions for reassurance. Although I do still struggle to ask questions during class, I do wait till after to ask for whatever I need. These strengths have changed my learning abilities and have made me a better…show more content…
I have always had a niche for teaching young children because of my mother. My mother has a daycare center but, when I was young had a daycare in our home. I saw her teach and always wanted to take over the class. As I grew older, I began working for my mom, and my love for teaching bloomed when I got to take on instructing and caring for the children, that is when I knew this is what I wanted to do when I grew up. My primary goal when I finish college is to get a daycare building and bring my mother 's business to Arizona as well as in Michigan. My Long-term goal is to create a franchise of daycares in the USA so by the time my mother is ready to retire and hand the business over to me her company can be across the

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