Personal Reflection

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During my postgraduate study, the residential weekend was the best, wonderful and meaningful holiday experience for me. The teamwork training was a memorable experience for me although it was time taking training but I learnt from that training. Those three days of training were consisted of loads of impressive events that occurred. Whenever I review those events critically; events which changed me and positively I developed myself in different aspects. However, this paper will examine my self-awareness and my personal behaviours, which analyse my individual role, which is pertinent with personal experience. Hence, this reflective essay basically will look into matter whether I am good in dealing with others who come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds or whether I own leadership and teamwork skills or not. Considering this aspect, the first part will explain the critical events then it will focus on the individual contributions and roles as a team. Thus, during process, some of the academic theories like communication, leadership, team conflicts, and cooperation will be discussed along with models of team behaviour like learning style, Belbin Roles, Adair-Action-Centred leadership, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Grid and Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions will be assumed in order to assess my performance and personal development.
While pointing out my performance (as an individual), I like to explain those critical occurrences that summarises the state. During

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