Personal Reflection In Computer Science Engineering

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Learning is , to me, a predominantly personal process, the active engagement in questioning, investigating, experimenting, analysing and constructing my own frameworks of reference. I owe much of my academic success to these practices of self-directed enquiry and problem solving that enabled intellectual engagement with the subjects , especially at the undergraduate level. As a student of Computer Science engineering I was exceptionally cautious to avoid restricted curriculum based learning and tunnel vision. While I placed importance on lectures , mandatory assignments , projects and periodic assessments, I was also insistent that I would not follow the beaten track and created space for myself to explore and experiment wit theory in the labs. I wanted to solve problems without any preconceived notions of how the solutions should be, taking responsibility for both success and failure and learning from the challenges accompanying the process. I extended this practise to implementing more than what was required by initiating my own projects that were the build of a few small applications in various semesters. I could not focus only on the grades and percentiles, I had to connect to the discipline at deeper levels. Compilers, Engineering Graphics and Algorithms were the three subjects that excited me and elicited high enthusiasm. To improve my understanding of Compilers, I implemented a simple top-down parser in C++ to evaluate simple arithmetic operations. Over a
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