Eyp Leadership Reflection

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This portfolio is written based on the two changes that I led in a preschool in Klang to critically analyze the leadership process that I went through as an early years professional (EYP). Although I had two different sets of team in the both changes due to the high practitioner turnover rate, we were still able to exchange our knowledge and experiences due to our qualifications. However, in both circumstances my team had shallow knowledge on the roles of an agent of change. I introduced the concept and allowed opportunities for them to lead. Knowing that the EYP leadership has traditionally been linked with the personal qualities of the workforce (Ritchie, 2015), helped me understood the concept of teachers as leaders as I studied and reflected on how to manage the different characteristics of my team along the journey. Besides, I also ensured that my team stood by the school’s principle of having the voice of the children taken seriously. Therefore, we managed to involve the children’s views and…show more content…
I was hoping to practice a visionary leadership strategy by regularly communicating our vision until we are in the right direction to reach our destination (Price and Ota, 2014). However, since the principal was in a hurry, she only glanced through the chart and approved it. I should fix appointments prior discussions in the future.
I then planned a meeting to decide on the themes with my team. However, when transcribing the meeting (Appendix 1.5.2), I realized that I choose the easy way out by getting the votes of my team instead of reasoning which are the two best themes that would benefit the children’s learning. I did not keep my team informed by sharing my knowledge on reasoning before making decisions (Hallet, 2016), because of my ignorance on the importance of this

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