Personal Reflection In Psychology

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Back during my freshman year in college, I decided to take up Psychology to learn more about people and the environment. Little did I know that there are numbers involved in my course which I tried to get away with. During my sophomore year, we had Statistics as part of our curriculum. I found it interesting because I get to know how research data in Psychology is being analyzed. However, I failed my subject. I found it difficult given all the formulas involved. Since then, Statistics is one subject that I fear the most. Whenever I hear ‘statistics’, I feel a little sick and anxious, and all I want to do is get away. This semester, I have enrolled in Statistics class, not just because it is required in my course but also to learn more and become confident about Statistics so that I can use it for work and research. During the first day in Statistics class in Ateneo, we had a discussion about some quotes related to statistics. One that struck me the most was from Benjamin Disraeli where he said that “there are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics,” with this quote, it can be said that by lying to people, we all have the tendency to manipulate our environment, as such, statistics then can be manipulated and gives power to numbers to manipulate us with results. After this session, I know learning statistics would be fun because of the moral lessons we can connect this with in real life situations. The next meeting was discussing the books of Malcolm
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