Personal Reflection: My Experience Of A Student Teaching Experience

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During my most recent student teaching experience I had quite a small number of students in my classroom whose position was attention seeking, each student displayed this position in various ways. For example, one student was informed that I would be leaving within a week. This student began to request hugs every day and informing me that she would really miss me. Therefore, every day I would have to explain to this student that I was not leaving on a permanent basis and would only be one hallway over from her room. Additionally, I explained that I would be over on occasions to say hello to her and the other classmates. However, she continued to request a hug and ask why I would be leaving. Other students were more subtle about attention seeking, they would bounce out of their seats and rush to ask question. As they continued to display this behavior I would remind them to stay seated and raise their hand to gain my attention.
Moving on, there was a student that seem to have feelings of being uninformed and displayed behaviors that indicated the student was trying to avoid failure. This student would often get confused after a lesson and try at least two more times on a problem and then would completely shut down. He avoided his work and it was evident he did not want his peers to inform him he was doing a problem incorrectly. I sat with this student and explained to him that “mistakes are ok and I make them every day that is how we learn.”
One student exhibited outburst
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