Self Reflective Essay For Scholarship

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Some words that people tell you are forgotten in an instant. Some words stick with you forever! I can still hear my mother telling me “Self-improvement is impossible without self-reflection”, to teach me a lesson of self-accountability. I remind myself of it daily to help me understand why I am where I am in life, and how to get where I want to be in life. Reflecting on how I have gotten where I am, I remembered a first-year undergraduate version of myself. I was a science major succeeding at everything but my science classes. I considered switching my major, I even considered switching universities, but I decided to stand up to the challenge that I had accepted upon matriculation and simply try harder. I admittedly didn’t have a strong science…show more content…
During my undergraduate studies, I researched in Costa Rica for a month. Two of these weeks were spent at La Selva Biological Station, where my passion for biological research was taken to new heights. Seeing science and medicine on a global scale and considering global impacts was extremely eye-opening. Shadowing was another very impactful experience that I’ve had. I shadowed Dr. Burse, a gynecologist at Phoenix Women’s Center, and it confirmed Ob/Gyn as the right path for me. For nine months, I was able to see patients, hear their stories, and celebrate their successes. One patient, in particular, was having an undesirable menopausal experience. She was experiencing insomnia, irritability, severe hot flashes, and mood swings. After receiving hormone replacement therapy, she was hardly recognizable at her next appointment. She had an entirely different demeanor, was sleeping regularly, and most of all, she was happy. Seeing the work of a physician completely enhance a patient’s quality of life was an inspiration. I was also inspired by Dr. Burse’s relationships with her patients. She had served some of her patients for years, and even began to see some of their daughters as well. She knew their stories. She had experienced their ups and downs, and most importantly played a role in turning their downs back to their
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