Personal Reflection: My Writing Experience

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My learning experience in WRTG 101 has been an informative experience. It may be more accurate to say the experience has enlighten me with a few new understandings. My first revelation that I realized very early on is that writing is a perishable skill. I also had to learn that there is more to writing than proper grammar. For me at least, writing takes a lot of pre-planning in order to organize an effective paper. Lastly I started to understand my general style of writing and the strengths and weaknesses I have. Overall I came into WRTG 101 with low confidence in my writing ability. Presently I believe I have a better understanding how my strength and weaknesses in writing. This experience has made me more aware of my own writing and given…show more content…
I almost immediately regretted that decision as soon as the first essay came in. As I looked at the essay requirements initially, I thought “this won’t take long.” After about three hours and laughable progress, I realize the little writing skill I had was long gone. I ended up struggling for quite some time but managed to complete it. I am not sure of the total time spent, however I do remember by the time the class got around to the second essay I completed it way faster than the initial essay.
There was two reasons the first essay ended up taking much longer than the second. First I haven’t written an essay in years so getting my ideas on paper was slow. Second and probably the biggest reason is due to lack of pre-writing planning. I didn’t plan out how the essay should generally flow which resulted in different points I wanted to get across not being in a proper order. For my first essay it took a lot of editing and re-adjusting in order to make a logical flow. The next essay I did a short outline of my points before I started writing and the results vastly improved my writing
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