Personal Reflection Of A Call Center

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"Call center" I was not familiar with this word until I worked at Scicom Berhard, the big company in Malaysia, which offers customers services. I have been working as CCR position since 25 October 2015 almost 1 year now. I was very tried too much because I had pressure. I felt fail because I did mistake. I think it is a chance to practice and make me stronger. The time pass forever and no return but I was impressed one of the customers who called me and asked some questions which I did not know, I was worried and tried to search the information for him. I was not confident myself and he was aware of my hesitation . He asked me that I am new call center. and I accepted. He didn 't complaint me anymore but different he encouraged me to take time to practice in order to be professional in the future. I felt more comfortable to hear that and want to say thank you to him. I have learned situation that I faced difficulties from customer’s negative feedback so that I should open mind and try to understand, for example, if you line up queue to buy some food and someone jumps into the beginning of the queue the positive way should thinking of is maybe she/he so rush she will miss the bus if she doesn 't jump the queue . In my opinion, it will waste your time to complaint others. If your mind always focus on bad things, your emotion will always be bad mood. Because all of people in the world not always follow the rules, don 't let bad people steal your happiness, so no
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