My Personal Support Team

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My support team consists of different people of various backgrounds. Composed of my family, friends, and individuals who had a positive influence in my life that I hold near and dear. I have a diverse group of friends, and each day I never understand why they choose to make decisions that I would never do, but then we come to an understanding of why the believe particular issues. Respectively, I think it is important to surround oneself with intelligent people who will challenge you mentally and physically. Essentially, that is what I have in my support group consisting of people I can sit and have a level of debate or conversation with about things we disagree or agree on. Not only
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I lost my father at the young of 9, so that had atoll in my well being when I was growing up. However, lacking that dominant male figure during the most crucial years of my life did not mentally impair me perhaps it help me gain a lot of my mental strength to think for myself and become more independent in making wise decisions for myself and things that will help benefit my well being. I love being challenged, and that is where my physical wellness comes to play I visit the gym often to escape from reality it gives me some time to de-stress why staying physically fit in which keeps my emotional and physical state balanced. I recently sustained from eating meat, which has been a challenge since I have been eating it my entire life. Along with this I was able to develop organizational skills and accommodating this new habit into my daily…show more content…
However, I also follow many journalists or people whom I look up to in my career field. Additionally, when they speak about different subjects that are inherently necessary thus gives me an outlook on ways I can enhance my skills while accommodating the traits they possess that makes them outstanding in their field. Another vital aspect of having in journalism is to uphold journalism ethics journalist are faced many challenges when they come across people who sometimes make inflammatory remarks thus allowing a reporter to respond in a way that does not go along with the ethics of journalism. Solely the reason why I practice being a great listener and learning to accept opinions of others that do not correlate with mine necessarily perpetuates a way for me to respond appropriately and respectively. Furthermore, doing more research on my future career field, I discovered that journalist deal with an overwhelming amount of stress and receiving my assessment results I know that stress control is something that I need to work on within myself to lead
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