Letter Of Internship Essay

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I started to work as an intern in the Jayaswal NECO Industries LTD, Raipur ,Chattisgargh from 15th May 2017 to 15th June 2017. The tenure of my internship was of 30 days where I worked under Mr. Anil Mishra(Senior Manager HR) and he handled the internal publics, land liaising and corporate social responsibility. But I was directly reporting to the Chief HRM of the Organization Mr. DK Mohanty. Public relation is often thought of as external public- relations in which efforts are taken to pull external constituents closer to the organization. Often overlooked, however, it is important to look after internal publics. Even after reaching the heights many organizations fail to sustain their image in the market and ignoring the internal publics could be one of the main reason. I had a keen interest to work in the organization to learn about the role of internal publics as a major component of public relations. Internship was an opportunity for me to learn and know things clearly about the internal publics. I feel much obliged to get an opportunity to work with such an esteemed organization JNIL NECO being Chattisgarh’s third largest producer of steel and providing its services…show more content…
As we all are already aware about internal communication’s necessity and importance for a company, it might be viewed as an item of subjective importance, is an internal tool for employee communication which is actually essential. Our e-magazine will ensure that all members of the company are working collaboratively towards a common goal. It will also develop a cohesive culture and empower employees to make the right decisions in line with the company’s objectives. It’s a cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with our employees and prospects; this in turn would lead to greater efficiency and productivity and would improve employee
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