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Register to read the introduction…After the first session I believe I can say: Leadership is the process of inspiring individuals to give their best to achieve the desired results. Provide guidance relating to individuals to move in the right direction, get their commitments and motivate them to achieve goals.
Leadership is distributed among individuals, not exclusive to the individual who sits at the top of the organization or Company, but available for any individual at any level. The basic task of the leaders are charging good sensations in the hearts of those who they lead them, and so when the leader creates a form of resonance - which give rise to a stockpile of positive lead to liberate all the good in people. Thus, the roots of the function of leadership is essentially emotional and how to connect at that level is what makes a great leader as I believe.
I can summarize leader’s qualities into the following: 1) to be a seasoned expert. 2) That recognizes the weaknesses and work to eliminate them. 3) Discover strengths and work on their development. 4) Uses the right man in the right place. 5) Does not distinguish between members of the team. 6) To be a role model. 7) Be a good listener. 8) That possess the good of humanity and
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The team working on this problem was consisting of four senior engineers with ages ranging between 45-55 years old and two other engineers with ages of 40 and 45 years old, at that time I joined the team as an engineer and my age was 28 years old. This made me work day and night to try to prove myself as a new comer, on the way every one was just putting humps on my road which just made me more frustrated and under huge pressure that I am going to fail and be like everyone else. Three weeks after I joined the company I found the solution to our problem, then hell break loose on my head. Management decided to give me the lead on that project and the team will have to report to me in order to achieve the target, doing the job wasn’t that difficult for me but my nightmare was my team.
What I did first that I conducted a presentation to the management and explained that the solution was found thru a team work where every one of them contributed, that milted the ice a little. Then I started to go to each one individually and try to make him feel that he is the owner of the solution and without him this project is a 100% failure, as each one of the team has his own ingredient of success, by this I managed to lead the team to the success of

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