Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Leadership

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Leadership is defined as the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization. It is my personal opinion that regretfully, in the past 10 years, this has been either forgotten, ignored or made extremely hard to accomplish. The newer generations of soldiers that are being added to our ranks, are completely different from the ones before me and the ones that came up in the ranks with me.
I will share my personal experience. On 26th of Dec 2001, I joined the Army and was shipped to BCT (basic combat training) the following January. I spent nine weeks in BCT and went through the soldering process at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. After that, I stayed an additional 6 weeks to specialize in my MOS. Once I graduated the last part of training, I arrived at my unit located in Lakeland, FL and was received by a squad leader and the platoon sergeant. They took me under their care and taught me the ropes. I was extremely impressed and it was also easy to adapt to the life in uniform. I was taught when received an order, as long as it was not putting my life in
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The leader of these insurgents was known as Garcia. He was somewhere in the mountains of Cuba. No mail or telegraph could reach him. Someone suggested to the President to call a fellow by the name of Rowan. If anyone could find Garcia, it would be Rowan. Rowan was given the order by the President. He sealed the letter and went on his way with no questions asked. He ran into the jungle and three weeks later, he reappeared stating, mission was completed. The point of this story is that, Rowan never asked why the President needed this letter to be delivered or where in the Jungle was Garcia located. He received his orders, and accomplished the task at hand without any
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