Personal Reflection Of My Experience In Database Management

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My inspiration to study database management and data mining is the culmination of my experiences in various domains. I was initially drawn to data mining while I was working on the project, “Data Acquisition system-(Temperature and humidity) and controlling temperature” in Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL). The goal of this project is to predict the changes in weather and adjust the temperature accordingly to maintain a stable temperature for the room. My work involved the collection of temperature and humidity information from different locations. Later, this information was stored in a database to monitor the changes in the readings continuously. The real challenge for me was to analyze the pattern from the large amount of data being collected. This made me realize the importance of data mining tools for extracting desired information from a database.
To facilitate my interest in data mining, I took up an online course on Python. My motivation further was its relevant libraries, which are widely used for data mining applications. During this course, I built a program to monitor news feeds over the internet. This program filters the news and alerts the user when it notices a news story that matches that user's
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They discussed about the problems faced by cloud service providers in meeting the bandwidth and storage requirement for handling huge amounts of data. I realized that there is a great demand for developing effective data management solutions for cloud. I have researched about practical solutions of applying data deduplication for cloud systems. By removing the redundant data in the servers, cloud providers can reduce the cost involved in meeting the storage requirements. This inspired me to work on my research paper ‘Data Deduplication in Cloud Storage’. I discussed about different techniques to perform deduplication at both client and server

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