Personal Reflection Of My Writing

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When I was younger, I never looked forward to writing because it seemed like such a tedious task. However, as I grew older I realized that writing could be an experience of its own and could serve as a way in which I could showcase my thoughts, opinions, and point of views. Perhaps I struggled with writing because it is essentially a skill that one has to develop with time as opposed to something that someone is born with. My main strength when it comes down to writing is definitely organization. I tend to organize the writing process from the beginning because it allows me to have a clear understanding on what it is I will write. I always begin by pulling the prompt apart and comprehending what is being asked, then I will brainstorm so that I have my thoughts sorted out. After I have completed that I will use an outline to organize all of my thoughts and write my rough draft. My second strength is finding research. I am very selective with the research that I choose to incorporate in my paper and that is one of the aspects that I do prioritize. Nonetheless, I do have my share of challenges with writing and…show more content…
It is a task that perhaps people are not comfortable with from the beginning, yet as one progresses, so will their writing. In order for me to have developed the few strengths I acquired in my writing took quite some time, but there is still plenty of improvement I need in order to become a better writer. The same also applies to the challenges that I have yet to convert into strengths, but with the proper mindset and dedication I know that I can and will better the difficulties I face in writing. The CAPS method is one that I know for a fact will help better my skills, and will be a method that I will use in any future writing assignments. This method will truly help in the manner in which I can further organize and review any
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