Personal Reflection Of Presentation

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1 INTRODUCTION The presentation is vital in most fields nowadays. It doesn’t matter that you are a student, job seeker or executives, we should be able to introduce ourselves as well as what we are doing. Knowing this, I felt it is important for me to acquire presentation skills so as I can be able to deliver the intended message to the intended audience. Before taking this course, I was not good in presenting and, to be honest, I don’t like the so-called presentation. But because here at University is a thing that everyone should do especially during Thesis, that’s why I choose to take this course. I believe that upon completion of this course I would become a good presenter by acquiring enough presentation skills during the course e.g. how to overcome nervousness, being confident etc. This will be met by doing 2 presentation skills planned in this course and sharing with my classmates’ different causes of nervousness and being confident during the presentation. During the first session we did a lot of exercises, which made me learn the following; - Standing in front of people while maintaining an eye contact with the audience makes the they feels that you are talking to them. Familiarizing with the environment by standing firm in front of the audience contribute to my confidence. Sharing everyone thoughts with regards to presentation skills, helps me to understand that most of us do not like presenting, but what I like most is seeing one of my fellow student admitting

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