Personal Reflection Of Student Education In The Classroom

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A knowledgeable librarian is a crow 's nester, high up on the mast, looking for the important trends and best practices to share with fellow educators. I do an extensive amount of reading about education, and, in turn, choose articles from my readings to distribute to staff and members of the greater school community. Staff usually receive between two and four posts weekly. I draw this information from many sources such as scholarly articles, email, newsletters, journals, and magazines. I have been told that these mailings are highly valued by the staff and it is not unusual to walk into a room where the teacher is using the materials I emailed to them in lessons. By choosing and supplying high quality teaching materials, I directly impact student learning and foster collegial collaboration. I am also called into classrooms to teach materials that I have disseminated, even offering to lexile level any materials the teachers want to use. As an example of personally teaching current evidence-based research, I read a study by Dr. Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, that compared student learning when taught either as 1. a unit on enhanced study skills, or 2. a unit on how the brain learns (with no mention of study skills). The students in the later group were the only group that advanced as reported by their teachers who were in the blind. Since first sharing the research with staff, I was encouraged to develop lessons to present to our

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