Personal Reflection Of The Critical Theory Of Education

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1. Introduction

Critical theory is about society and the way which we are all dominated by society. This modern society is run by technology which is developing too fast and which has become complex and alien to most people. According to critical theorists knowledge should not be manipulated by the powerful in society. Knowledge should be part of everyday life. Knowledge, including scientific knowledge is part of human existence and our need to ‘know’ is a human need. Science is a human activity carried out by humans. Wants, desires, emotions and personal convictions guide all human beings and thus also their scientific endeavor.
We are all made up of different elements forming systems. For instance, our minds and personalities have evolved in response to the problems we encounter in the greater environment around us. We are, however, in constant interaction with other systems, such as community around us, the bigger the society, our friends, our family, et cetera.
The self, the core of personality, develops out of the individual interaction with other. Subsequently, the habits, traits, attitudes and ideals of an individual is patterned by the process of education. A learner’s personality is also developed indirectly when he/she is encouraged to form his own attitudes. Moreover, a learner is also influenced by the outlook and attitudes of fellow students.
When I started university, I was very happy, but clueless of the new environment. It felt amazing that I had the

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