Personal Reflection On Deaf Culture

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During the Deaf Culture Panel, I developed a personal understanding of Deaf Culture through the individuals who presented their firsthand experiences. Regardless of where you stand within the Deaf spectrum, the culture is never fully understood unless it is observed through the Deaf eye. The Deaf population has experienced everything from discrimination to advancement during their time on this earth but have always stayed true to their Deaf identity. I enjoyed learning about their experiences, while relating some of the experiences to comparable stories that I have witnessed or heard about through other Deaf people.
While I was retaining information from each Deaf person, I sat and imagined what my parents must have endured before I was ever born. The Deaf Culture Panel talked about many different things, but something that hit close to home were the stories of their experiences with interpreters. When I was in the seventh grade, I had a major brain surgery that required my parent’s full intellectual
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I have learned what Deaf Culture means, how to communicate naturally through American Sign Language, and the importance of being a professional advocate for the Deaf World. The Deaf community has faced many adversities, but advanced technology and growth in awareness is creating the path for further accomplishments. With that being said, I will continue to improve myself within the Interpreting program and immerse myself into the Deaf community. As this semester nears our winter break, I will remember these stories and find new ways to become better at communicating with the Deaf Culture. I will continue to socialize with my current Deaf friends, and willingly meet new ones. Instead of being idle during my winter break, I will practice the skills that I have learned thus far with the members of the Deaf
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