Personal Reflection On Education

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Taking everything into account, some personal reflections about the Master’s degree and the year syllabus I have been working on will be presented in this point. From the first beginning, I started this Master’s degree with a lot of enthusiasm and ready to start learning new things about education. All the courses of this Master’s degree and their contents were completely new for me. I want to say that this Master’s it has been very intensive, because of the combination of theoretical and practical aspects. This course is divided into three parts; the first and the second one are, in that order, the general module and the specific module and both belong to the theoretical learning, while the third one is dedicated to the training period and the personal development of the TFM project. So, the general module is composed by Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy subjects. Psychology taught me that the teachers have to take into consideration the immature mentalities of teenager students, they are experiencing a lot of psychological and physical changes because there are becoming adults and in that’s why we, as the teachers, have to adapt our way of teaching according this fact. Throughout this subject we learnt about the teenagers’ behaviour and the psychological, cognitive, intellectual and physical development (educational and developmental psychology in CSE), theories, case studies, how to teach a student who is unwilling to learn, behaviourist and cognitivist theories about
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