Personal Reflection On Empowerment

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Personal reflection on the agency visit result Understanding empowerment After this agent visit, I have more understanding for the meaning of empowerment via a real case, By the opportunity for interviewing a services recipient of 1st Step Association, we could realize that how a disabled person could be changed from a relatively close-mind status that not even willing to go out from his apartment for developing his social network, to becoming an active member of the organization who act as a leader for the disabled group and further involving into varied of policy issues by negotiating with different stakeholders such as government departments and official authorities. And this is really a tremendous change that you might not imagine in the first beginning but finally achieved over a continuously process of empowerment and engagement. Believing every people do have the ability to make changes is one of the core value of social work and now I saw the change. Development for disabled On the other side, I realized that the social environment of Hong Kong is still not capable to fully perform the abilities and possibilities of disabled people in term of supporting policies and cultural norms especially for comparing with other developed countries and regions, while some of the foreign governments are already set up many regulations for promoting the employment of disabled persons such as requiring the companies to hire certain percentages of disabled staffs, on the

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