The Cove Reflection Paper

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This personal reflective are my views and attitudes towards the horrific things and great extents that people will go to towards making money. There are horrible things are shown through the documentaries, The Cove and Food Inc. which causes some harmful problems with humans.

How have the documentaries Food Inc. and The Cove impacted your understanding of things humanity will do to make money?

Food Inc. directed by Robert Kenner is a documentary that examines corporate farming in the United States. It discusses the use of organic products that are grown by legitimate farmers versus the genetically enhanced products grown by farmers that are paid enormous amounts of money to produce massive amounts of products quickly
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I am extremely horrified that the Japanese government had not taken any action to stop the production of dolphin meat which contains lethal amounts of Mercury. But the main problem that really annoys me is that people in Taijai haven’t done anything to stop the killing of dolphin even though there was more than enough evidence to imprison every single person involved in the killing of dolphins and production of their meat. However in the documentary, Food Inc. Eric Schlosser interviews farmers that grow their produce naturally and farmers that genetically enhance their products. The reason for this is because there is money involved, if for example it normally takes five months to grow produce, the farmers don’t get the money until it is grown. Although genetically enhanced produced that grows in three months makes the farmer get money two months quicker. I feel empathy to the farmers that grow their produce organically because they know that genetically enhanced products have an effect on the human body. I also feel sorry for them because they feel pressured or almost forced to use genetically enhanced produce to at least keep their house and
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