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Having gone through the psychology course successfully, I have been equipped with knowledge on various aspects of human behaviors and the scientific reasons behind them. Subsequently, in this personal reflection paper, I will select the topic of memory given its intrigues and interesting findings from the textbook. Memory refers to the process of encoding, storing, and retrieving information. It has been described as the means that enable human beings to use the knowledge that has been acquired over time in their present situations. In this case, the brain helps in storing information in the form of sounds, images, or interpretation of various situations. Therefore, it is an essential function of the brain since it enables human beings to interact appropriately based on past encounters. Memory can be categorized into various types depending on the context. For instance, sensory memory involves the ability to recognize an object after perception. It is deemed as an automatic response that is not controlled cognitively. George Sperling who conducted experiments to explore the sensory memory first brought up this concept. He also explained three subtypes of sensory memory. Iconic memory is responsible for encoding and storing visual information, echoic memory for auditory information, and haptic memory for touch…show more content…
Most of the activities carried out are based on what people perceive and remember. Personally, I have recognized several ways in which memory, as described in the course book, has been applied. Reading through the topic, I discovered the importance of memory given that some activities done as far as when I was in the elementary grade are fresh in mind. I can vividly describe some of my milestones and events that have been happening in my life. The memory of such activities can only be attributed to the long-term and short-term memory as described in chapter eight of the course

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