Personal Reflection On Music Is A Universal Language

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Luu Le
Personal Reflection
Everyone says: “ Music is a universal language.” However, people have different ways to use that common language, and not everybody has the same musical preference. Some people like pop, some prefer rock, the others find the comfort in classical music, R&B, jazz, or any other genre of music. Family background might be a potential reason for the evolution of personal tastes in music. Family and the environment around us continuously affect our musical perception even when we are still in the womb. Music is everywhere, in the birds singing, in the rain, in the streets, and in our hearts. Without noticing, music grows up with us and becomes a crucial part of our lives. My grandparents grew up in the most violent periods of the Vietnam war. That time’s music was mostly war songs intended for political purposes. These are the songs showing the spirit of fighting for national defense, and expressing the thirst for freedom and peace. Western music was not imported in Vietnam that time. Therefore, classical music, jazz, or opera are quite unfamiliar to the Vietnamese. Although the wars are over, until now, I still see my grandparents listen to revolution music. Perhaps, their whole life was buried in prolonged wars, war music becomes the only genre they are familiar with. I have never seen them change their tastes. When my parents grew up, the war ended, Vietnam unified, music at that time mainly praises the homeland and shows the love for the

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