Personal Reflection On Professional Development Essay

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potential challenges also. 5.7.2 Personal Reflection on Professional Development From this business consultancy report the researcher has gained ample amount of information related to theoretical aspects as well as the professional development. Taking the professional development in to consideration, it gives a great deal of enthusiasm of to do more to the professionalism of work where this is the best area to develop & give more suggestions for improvement to the area of study. Procurement is a vulnerable area where it needs a lot of energy & innovative ideas. So through this research, researcher has gained numerous examples for professional development. 5.7.3 Personal Reflection on Personal Development When taking this research study in to consideration, it helps in many ways for the personnel development of the researcher where, researcher gained the strengthen to do more to the researcher future potential studies as well as to the personal development as well. Taking calculated risks as well as to look the issues in a different perspective are some…show more content…
But when it comes to Renuka Agri Foods PLC, most of the packing material suppliers do deliver the goods to yard which is at Dematagoda. Supplier makes it as a habit where it minimizes their fuel cost & time. The main factory is at Wathupitiwala & nearly a handful of suppliers deliver goods to main factory. As a recommendation to this issue sourcing vendor with proper transportation capacity like delivery vans & other modes of transportation has to be entertained. For the existing vendors, it is the duty of the procurement manager to encourage them to deliver goods directly to the factory. If any vendor reluctant delivers, then there should be a penalty or deduction from the original invoice has to be done. Only for the existing vendors these strict rules have to be imposed otherwise they do not adhere the rules of Renuka Agri Foods
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