Personal Reflection On Public Health Scenarios

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1. Health Video 2 a. I thought it was a very sad thing for the Long family to have lost their son to bullying. It should have never gone that far, perhaps the schools administrators could have done a better job of taking care of the situation. I strongly believe they did a poor job a handling the situation. Perhaps the parents could have pulled their child out of that school to prevent further damage, but things are easier say than done. Bullying is something I worry my own son will have to deal with in the future, but if we are lucky, hopefully he will not have to deal with it. To be honest, after watching the video it did saddened me and the same time in made me feel upset. It saddened me because I know both the parents and school administrators could…show more content…
Once again, it is easier said than done and when situations like this arise, at the moment, I believe we have a difficult dealing with it and coming up with quick solutions. Of course our fist instinct is to seek help from school administrators to whom we believe are the the best source of help at the time, but after many attempts of pledging with them and coming up empty handed and with no solution in sight, it is hard to imagine what one would do. If I know school officials are not willing to help, then I would resort violence with violence. I know, I know, it is not the right thing to do, but by personal experience, it definitely helps. For example, I remember attending elementary school many years ago there was a tall kid who for no reason thought he could bully me, which he did many times over, but little did he know I had an older brother who would not put up with it. As you can imagine, one thing led to another and after my older brother beat him up the bullying stop. If the inevitable is to happen, then I will make sure my son is prepare to handle such situations. If not, then I hope the school administrators and my wife and I do everything possible to put an end to it before it gets

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