Personal Reflection: Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

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Personal Reflection When semi-autonomous vehicles took a rise in the U.S. it brought a great deal of controversy with it. This brought up the question that I addressed in the presentation, should semi-autonomous vehicles be put onto the roads? The cause of this problem that brings up the question is the technology of the vehicle and its integrated security within the semi-autonomous vehicle. The security in these semi-autonomous vehicles has not been fully fleshed out and has been proves to be vulnerable. In addition, much of the equipment is new technology and is very delicate. This poses a serious problem as if a vehicle such as this was to have a security weakness; the vehicle can be hacked into and taken control of. In addition, if heavy rain, snow, hail, or even heat damages the car’s technology leading to an error not caused by the driver could have devastating effects if the vehicle would crash. This would be a…show more content…
In the end the question chosen was “Should semi-autonomous vehicles be put onto roads?” We then did research on the semi-autonomous vehicles by using a database our school provided to understand the nature of the vehicle. We then took an in depth look at the pros and cons of the semi-autonomous vehicle to determine whether they should be put onto the roads. We then as a group discussed this controversial question and then came to the conclusion that they should be put onto the roads. By putting these semi-autonomous vehicles on the road would be a positive effect globally. These vehicles could save the environment from air pollution, less use of fossil fuel, and fewer crashes on the roads. While they might not be fully ready for the roads, I have a proposed solution for the technology issue of these vehicles. My solution was simply to integrate more security into the semi-autonomous

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