Personal Reflection On Staff Meeting

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This week I had to present an activity in the staff meeting on how we perceive ourselves and how others view us. The activity involved writing an introduction speech relating to an award. I think the staff had fun with the activity and I learned more about how the staff perceived themselves. I was able to improve on my presentation skills when communicating in front of team of professionals. At each staff meeting that I attend I have been learning a lot about what other staff members do at the agency. I also learned about wellness checks that are conducted with each patient. The wellness checks helps the providers identify the health status of each patient. Furthermore, this week I have been reconnecting with patients, that I conducted care plans with, through follow up phone calls. The people that I have been able to communicate with have made progress toward their goals. For instance, one patient that had an issue with housing was able to use the resources that I provided to connect with a program that helps with food and shelter. I was happy to hear that the care plan and resources that I provided was helping this patient. Another patient that was struggling with weight loss that I conducted a care plan on, loss weight since the last time I spoke with him. He also made other improvements in his life such as being…show more content…
I found the different presenters and discussion at the teach-in to be insightful. I attended the event on mass incarceration. What I learned from this event is the importance of treatment for people who are in prison. For instance, the presenters discussed how people within the system suffer from some form of addiction or mental disorder. I also learned more about the struggles that people go through when they are released from prison such as, not being able to find employment. I wish I could have attended other events that were occurring at that
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