Nietzsche On Women Analysis

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On Women
“Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher
Women. No subject conjures up such a wide variety of thoughts and emotions for men as the female species. Women shower us with affection, bear our children, provide companionship and stability, help build our homes, and love us for reasons difficult to comprehend. They also break our balls (supposedly to improve us as men), confuse us to the point of frustration, make us laugh, make us cry (not me), break our hearts, and even prompt men to write poetry and sappy love songs. At times, they give us reason for living; other times they are a royal pain in the ass. Yet, despite the risk and the hassle, the urge to be with them
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Men need women and women need men, even if they speak different languages. Most people, male or female, tend to want the same thing in varying degrees. Women want a family, security, comfort, happiness, nice clothes and good sex. With the possible exception of the family, don’t men want the same thing?
Regular women (non-prostitutes), semi-pros (women who may have a regular job but for additional income will go with men for a price) and finally, working girls (prostitutes). The phrase, working girls includes go-go dancers, freelancers (usually in discos) and beer bar girls,
One extremely important point – it should always be remembered that working girls are not regular girls, no matter how regular they seem. They may give you a girlfriend experience (GFE) but they are not prostituting themselves because you’re handsome – although you may be - they’re doing so because they’re willing to sell their time and bodies for much needed income. This brings us back to the golden rule; don’t get emotionally involved with a working girl. I can’t stress it enough. You wouldn’t do so back home and it’s no different elsewhere.
The prostitute knows the interaction is a business transaction. If given the chance, the more intelligent ones turn the transaction into a pseudo love affair, thus maximizing her potential, long-term
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