Personal Reflection

Good Essays
Through the attempt of writing these personal essays, with the help of my teacher and the materials made available to me, I can affirmatively say that I feel more confident as a writer and as an editor. I say that because I feel self-aware to an extent to be able to see the major flaws in my personal essays and being able to edit them to produce better quality writings. A significant development in my writing was to acknowledge the “Show not tell” phrase and implement it in my personal essays. This particular rule has helped me out majorly focus on deploying the five essential human senses which include sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Deploying this sensory language has further enabled me to “show” my audience what I intend to communicate to them. It has also allowed me to spark more emotions in my readers to make my writing more relatable to them. I understood that to make my writing stand out to readers; I must find creative and new ways to describe detail to show my readers subtly, what I want them to visualize; instead of overusing basic descriptions. Through this technique, my descriptions in my work became one of my major assets as a writer. Instead of using empty adjectives which represent emotions such as the word "sadness," I learned to describe feelings through the use of dialogues and action in my storyline to spark stronger reactions in readers. Dialogues can indirectly give meaningful insights of the story, set mood and imply the emotional
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