Personal Reflection: My Experience In Nursing

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As I already stated in my story, I reflected back to this experience because from it I identified things that I learnt from them, which helped me for personal development and also for professional development and which I can take action on them. It also helped me so that I can make a decision if I will continue my studies about nursing or if I change my mind, but I did like this experience were I was also involved in it and I liked it a lot. Although the carers work and the seniors work is different from what the nurse is supposed to do, some of the work that the carers did, nurses do it as well such as giving a bath to a person, change nappies, giving pills and injections etc. It also helped me to see what are my strengths in what am I good…show more content…
From all the values that I’ve mentioned already in my story, I think that the best one from all of them is communication. Since we use this kind of value every day we take it for granted about communication, but there is much more of what can be learnt from this value. Above I also mentioned my strengths and weaknesses and this kind of value does have part in the weaknesses, because I am a little bit shy so maybe thanks to this experience and research I will get less shy and be more effective in communicating with others. Online I found an article which is based on effective communication. Robinson, M.Segal and R.Segal (2014) stated that effective communication helps us to understand a situation and a person better and implement us to resolve differences, build respect and trust, and to create an environment where ideas, problem solving and caring are present. Communication is not always understood and so by these effective communication skills misunderstandings will be prevented. In our everyday life we have to send and receive several numbers of messages, but effective communication is based more about the understanding of emotions behind the information, rather than just receiving the message. This kind of communication can enhance relationships such as at home, at work and also in social situations by expanding connections with others to improve team work, problem solving and for decision making. Effective communication enables us to communicate easily without creating any conflicts or destroying trust. It also binds up together a set of skills including nonverbal communication, attentive listening, the ability to manage stress and the capacity to recognize your own emotions and also to understand the person that you are communicating with. For the best result of communication, listening is the most important during a talk so
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