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Q 5. Has personal reflection benefited my own learning during the course? What I am learning – IT and Communications Why I am learning it- Job requirement. The basic education and skill requirements for becoming a Veterinarian Assistant: Computer Skills Knowledge of software used to record information and communicate with others (e.g. Microsoft Access, Outlook, Office, and Excel) and scientific software specific to the veterinary field*** How I am learning it-Tutor taught. Attend physical classes at a training centre How I am using what I am learning – Through What my strengths and weaknesses in the learning are Mathematics: __ rarely sequences numbers, equations and formulas appropriately __ Unable to perform 'mental math ' __ Computations are usually inaccurate __ Many careless errors, often chooses the wrong operation __ Difficulty understanding mathematical concepts __ rarely uses mathematical terms appropriately both orally and in written work __ does not remember the math facts (memory) __ cannot do mathematical word problems Motor Skills: __ is often clumsy and accident prone __ Weak fine motor skills (evidenced in written work, copy etc.) Social Skills: __ has a difficult time establishing friends or has friends that are younger __ rarely accepted by peers __ Argues with peers __ doesn’t accept responsibility well __ Avoids peer contact and is often ridiculed or involved in ridiculing __ Demands instant gratification, seeks a great deal of attention __ doesn’t

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