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Personal Reflection What stood out the most in this book was spiritual growth because it is something everyone tries to accomplish. It is easy to stray away from your faith, but it is not as easy to gain it back fully, you must be dedicated and committed to letting God enter back into your heart. There have been many times where I strayed away from church. In the past I went to church every Sunday now I only go once a month. I always questioned if it was due to my lack of spiritual growth or was it because of the drama at church. Either way a part of me feels that I am letting God down by not being fully committed to church. The other part of me feels that God loves me no matter what. However, with my in-laws being full devoted Christians and…show more content…
“Most people seeking counseling are not looking for a specific set of techniques, but for a relationship with someone who has values the respect” (McMinn, pg. 13). When building a relationship with your patient it allows them to open-up more and move from sorrow and brokenness to restoration and hope. Counseling techniques integrated with Christians beliefs are practical in a Christian counseling office. Cognitive therapy is a good counseling technique, it is used to effectively and quickly treat patients with panic disorders. McMinn believes that if we only rely on heavy scripture we miss other valuable treatment options that are also valid, such as behavioral strategies (McMinn, pg. 115). Rational-emotive Therapy (RET) by Albert Ellis is another technique that counselors can use. Even though Albert Ellis is an atheist several Christian counselors accept his techniques because it is “most compatible with biblical teaching of all current major psychotherapeutic system” (McMinn, pg…show more content…
Forgiveness “involves recognizing and grieving over the damage that has been done, then choosing to release the negative emotions associated with the offender” (McMinn, pg. 207). This concept has its pros and cons depending on the situation especially with children. Sexual, mental, physical abuse involving children in counseling can be difficult. First, it is important that the counselor comfort the child and tell them that it is not their fault that bad things were done to them. It may also take some time for them to warm-up to you. Then, you should encourage them to forgive themselves because a lot of kids blame

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