Personal Reflection Paper On Leadership

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The Air Command and Staff College Leadership and Command course teaches leadership competencies and discusses issues and challenges faced by military leaders. Additionally, the module described skills to motivate, empower, and encourage to equip leaders empower those they lead. This paper summarizes three topics. The first is a personal reflection, describing my leadership beliefs and philosophy. Second, this paper presents a personal interview conducted with a squadron commander located on Ramstein Air Base, Germany to discuss, in detail, the most challenging leadership issue encountered during his command of 130 civilian and military personnel. Finally, I provide an analysis of the commander’s interview while integrating with the course material.
Leadership Philosophy
Lead by example. My leadership philosophy is shaped by previous supervisors, past experiences, mentors, and doctrine and literature. In the formal sense, I have never held the title of a supervisor, but have lead many teams as project manager, held several offices of position in various organizations, and run a workcenter from time to time. I have learned and accepted that not all leaders and supervisors are created equal. I have taken and absorbed those qualities – good and not so good – and modeled those attributes into my everyday attitude. My philosophy has been influenced by environment as well, very much situationally-based. Having worked at various organizational levels be it wing level,

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