Reflection: The Four Domains Of Clinical Care

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In this essay I will present and analyse my personal development and achievements along with the challenges I was faced with, in the four domains of clinical care, that were the result of applying the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired in the last two years of this course into clinical practice. Additionally, I will be providing an example for each of the four domains in the appendix section, in order to better demonstrate these points. Finally, I will conclude this essay with a reflection of my own learning outcomes as well as a recognition of any and all areas that I find challenging and myself in need of further development. To help with the reflective process I will be using Gibbs model of reflection. Gibbs reflective cycle…show more content…
I had to learn of the potential sypmtoms and remain constantly aware of them during my interaction with the patients as I tried to build a therapeutic relationship with them around those issues. Moreover, as not all patients experienced the same symptoms, a different approach was needed in each case. An issue that I found particularly challenging was that some of the patients did not want to reason with the fact that the hallucinations/delusions they were experiencing were not real and even when they came to accept them as false they did not always want to silence them or make them disappear (see appendix A). Therefore, in accordance to the NMC code (2008), I had to learn to repsect each person's decision about their treatment and encourage them to work together with me in order to develop a care plan that better suited their individual needs and wishes. Thus, it became evident to me that using a person centred approach n my practice was crucial in order not only to achieve the best possible therapeutic results, but to also empower the patients through the process . As Morrisey and Gallaghan (2011) explain being a person centred nurse means to always have to take into account each individuals believes and trying to help them achieve their life…show more content…
In a lot of cases I had to use simple CBT techniques that I learned in university and gained through further independent reading. CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a form of talking therapy developed in the late 1980s that tries to establish links between current or past thoughts, feelings and actions and re-evaluate perceptions, beliefs and reasoning in relation to

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