Personal Reflection: Personal Development And Achievements

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In this essay I will present and analyse my personal development and achievements along with the challenges I was faced with, in the four domains of clinical care, that were the result of applying the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired in the last two years of this course into clinical practice. Additionally, I will be providing an example for each of the four domains in the appendix section, in order to better demonstrate these points. Finally, I will conclude this essay with a reflection of my own learning outcomes as well as a recognition of any and all areas that I find challenging and myself in need of further development. To help with the reflective process I will be using Gibbs model of reflection. Gibbs reflective cycle…show more content…
As I am a rather outgoing individual, I usually manage to swiftly create relationships when meeting new people, a trait in contrast with the socially and emotionally withdrawn patients with psychosis that I met (see appendix B). As Evans and Allan (2009) explain, patients with psychosis find it difficult to trust new people therefore, it is particularly important to try and establish a good rapport with them, and give them time to get used to you and trust you. Consequently, I had to use clear, unambiguous language, and try not to overwhelm the patients with too much information. Sometimes I needed to be very direct and explicit in my choice of words in order to help them make sense of their experiences and encourage them to see why it was beneficial for them to follow their treatment plan and adhere with medication as it became evident early on that a more mellow approach was…show more content…
Some of these techniques included listening to music, sing or read something out loudto try to mask the voices (Place, 2003). For the first time during my third placement I developed another very important skill for mental health nurses. I learned how to administrate intramuscular injections and I gain a lot of knowledge about antipsychotic medications and the correct use of it (NMC, 2008). Despite the fact that I do not feel fully competent in administration of intramuscular injections at the moment is a skill that I am planning to develop through my active involvement with clients that they need administrations of such injections, of course under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner, and practicing on my own time at home on an orange, as we were taught in university. Hopefully after a lot of practice I can gain more confidence and become fully competent by the end of my third

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