Personal Reflection: Reasons For Becoming A Teacher

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Personal Assessment Reflection
A personal reflection is a very important aspect of life. The understanding of knowing why a specific profession is chosen is essential in its success. Every once in a while teachers should stop and reflect on how things have gone so far. Education has always been a passion ever since the younger days. I would pretend like I was teaching a class and my teddy bears were my students. Being the only child gave plenty time to myself to be whoever I wanted to be. All throughout high school I would make my career day a trip to a local school. I also had a cousin that taught at an elementary school so many career days were spent with her. Each experience I go through helps me realize more and more why I chose to become a teacher.
Reasons for Becoming a Teacher There are many reasons why a person would choose the education profession. My three reasons are most likely similar to others. One most obvious reason is I love working with younger individuals and it has always been a passion for me. I often would be the “babysitter” of the family because I love kids so much. I would even babysit for free and yes I said for free because I loved them that much. Another reason is I want
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My ideal is different because I welcome challenges and change. In my ideal classroom there is a positive environment and everyone gets fair treatment. The teacher is attentive, invites feedback, positive, and supportive. The teacher wants the students to challenge her because that is the best way to open up discussion. Students may get rowdy but they remember the rules which are set on the first day of class. Instead of the teacher always being on top of her game there are some days when she has to wing it because what was planned didn’t go as planned. This is my ideal classroom situation where everything is not perfect and there is continued

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