Personal Reflection: The Importance Of Suffering In Toastmasters

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My husband and I are so used to actively giving and receive feedback. We no longer take this personal. We have come to a point to understand that this helps us in the manner we deal with issues and communicate as a family unit. I still need to implement this in my career and I think it will take a bit of time because I am still working on the feedback I received during the program. It opened my eyes on things that I need to work on. I decided to start with toastmasters, and I am enjoying this so much because I get to learn so much and it really does boast my confidence. If I didn’t receive the feedback, I don’t think I would’ve taken the step to work on my presentation and public speaking techniques. I find it amazing that the first few classes in toastmaster I would never volunteered to speak first, but through the exercises I have learned to be confident in what I am about to say. This has helped me in meetings at work as well. I have always been self-aware but this programme made it important to make sure that I always do this, that reflecting is important. I definitely don’t want to just fit in like I was doing, with consist reflection this will assist me to be true to myself and don’t try to be something I am not or do things just to fit it. I believe being true to myself is important and with consist reflection sessions, this will help me to make sure that I am always aware of who I am. The next step is making it my mission to make my team members understand that they

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