Personal Reflection: The Purpose Of Social Work

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When I began this course, in my understanding the purpose of social work was improving the physical environment of individual as in a micro level and to also promote the justice of society as in a macro level. As my learning about this profession continued to process, my ideas of social work purpose have expanded. According to the purpose for this profession which is defined by The National Association of Social Workers, the mission is to " promote or restore a mutually beneficial interaction between individuals and society in order to improve the quality of life for everyone" (Dubois, 2004), Thus far, my journey through the different courses at COSTAATT has yielded magnificent knowledge in the field.
As I continued without prejudice, I can
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On realizing this profession assists individuals to create a supportive social system that help clients to achieve their personal goals, motivated me even further, Dubois and Krogsrud stated,“social workers strived to release human power in order to ensure the well performance for individual and to release social power in order to promote social injustice”, my stance for what I believe social work to be was augmented in this reference (Dubois, 2004). More specifically, the purpose in Micro level is to enhance clients ' ability for social functioning and to match individuals with favorable…show more content…
Alicia Halls for the first time, on the same morning of my first visit to the Pointe-A-Pierre Government School, but we had planned previously that we would engage in an orientation session before indulging the clients. During the orientation she expressed a desire for promptness and laid down all her expectations because she was never fortunate to have a COSTAATT student as her understudy. According to Hall (1990) “a generally accepted view is that field instruction and education is of equal importance as theoretical academic instruction.” So, I immediately started to sharpen up on my theories, then the interventions to be used in relation to the students concerns, whilst drawing all this information from my prior knowledge I was determined to impress Ms. Halls. I knew my lecturers did their best in tutoring me so I in turn, wanted to do my

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