Personal Reflective Essay: AP Calculus

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Over the past year, I excelled in AP math, specifically AP Calculus. It had become such an ease for me that I found myself teaching others the material in the span of twenty minutes while my teacher went over it in the span of two days. This past summer, I was fortunate enough to review my friend’s college work abstract for college-level math. It was there that I realized I have so much more math to learn.
I was perusing that long paper for grammar help, but it was me who received the help. My first instinct, after proofreading, was to research everything that was mentioned in his paper; from what a SPDE is, to who Smoluchowski is and what his contributions to math have been.
I didn’t even realize that I had been researching for a long time because before I knew it, the time struck 9:00 pm and my friend sent me his paper at 7:00 pm. Even though at the time I didn’t understand a single word about what I was researching, I found it to be captivating because of its challenging nature. The intricate language of his paper made a deep impact in my mind
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He answered every question I threw at him and I stood there in awe at how someone could understand college-level math when college students themselves couldn’t even comprehend it. Of course, I still didn’t understand it, but I knew the gist of what he was explaining. He then gave me a journal that included every problem he ever completed step-by-step, and I found myself self-studying a subject for the first time in my life. Thereafter, I asked one of my mathematics teachers everything about the course as well. She sat there mouth agape at how I self-studied that material. From there, she began to quiz me and I received good marks on all of them. We just couldn’t believe how much I learned, and it was all due to that one
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