Personal Reflective Essay: Field Hockey

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In a lifetime, it is impossible to please everyone. This is a lesson I learned - along with many others - the hard way. A week before ninth grade started back in 2013, I was approaching the Tom Fujitani football field located adjacent to the massive building I would soon be calling my school for the next four years. Lugging all of my field hockey equipment in the scorching hot sun down the path leading to the turf, my stomach was turning. I had only been playing field hockey for one year and even though I made the highest team, it meant nothing to a new coach who has never met me before. I also only knew the kids in my own grade. I got to the field and found some of my friends, settled in and began to get all of my gear on. Little did I know that I was soon to face one of the toughest challenges not only up until then, but through my whole high school career.
My freshman year of high school started strong on the second day of school, finding out that I made junior varsity field hockey. I was so excited that I was one of the six girls to be given the opportunity to play on JV. I had always heard rumors about the head field hockey coach; people said she was unreasonable, mean, cruel, she picked favorites, etc. Personally, I chose not to believe them and form my own relationship with the
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I am a very stoic person, and I will admit to that. Nevertheless, that is no excuse for a coach to not like his or her player. It is a coach’s job to get to know their players and see who/how they are on and off the field. She however never made that effort. So, I did everything she asked for and then some. Not just my freshman year, but my sophomore and junior year as well. Despite all of my efforts, I continued to be neglected by her, which soon translated from her to the other players as well, which just made my place in Wilton Field Hockey even more
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