Personal Reflective Essay: The Affordable Care Act

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Growing up policy was not on my mind, although throughout my childhood my family like many struggled to make ends meet, often relying on my mother’s school loans and the federal programs such as WIC. Up until this point this was my only experience with policy a rather personal one at that. Ever since the presidential elections cycle of 2008 I have wanted to shape the policy debate and to one day be a political actor that can craft policy. Over the last few years, I have worked in a variety of positions, but none as formative as being a summer associate at the National Taxpayers Union. It was at NTU where I felt that I became truly immersed in the policy making process. In addition, to focusing on state wide issues I also did research and wrote on the Affordable Care Act. The focus on the Affordable Care Act, led me to write on oversight, spending and Health Saving Accounts. The experience allowed me to truly specialize and follow specific pieces of legislation. I was certainly passionate about the topic and throughout my time at NTU I covered these issues, but only as they pertained to the regulatory regime…show more content…
Although I am a fiscal conservative I recognize the role these programs play in equal opportunity. Without these federal grants and loans my mother would never have been able to achieve the way that she has. Furthermore, without WIC my family would not have been able to support our family of six and its food needs. These experiences have shaped my knowledge, skill set and have granted me a passion for policy. As I look to the future I know I will actively engage with the political process molding my rhetoric, ideas and most importantly developing my abilities to craft solutions to problems that people face in their day to day
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